Wilderness Camping

Wilderness Camping

We are getting lots of enquiries about camping in Connemara National Park. There are a few important points to note that are listed below before making further enquiries and all the information about camping in the Park is currently set out on our website, see https://www.connemaranationalpark.ie/wildernesscamping/


Important Points to Note

Wilderness Camping is the only type of camping allowed in Connemara National Park and this is to accommodate visitors that want to explore the wider National Park, on foot, over a couple of days.

Wilderness camping is a very specific type of camping that follows a strict set of guidelines that you will need to adhere to while camping in the National Park.

Wilderness Camping is only allowed in the area outside of the Camping Exclusion Zone – this area is several kilometres from the Visitor Centre (see map here https://www.connemaranationalpark.ie/wildernesscamping/).

Campers will need to navigate away from the trails over wet, boggy terrain and it will take approximately 2 hours walking to get to a potential location to set up your tent.  If you camp in the Camping Exclusion Zone you will be asked to break camp immediately.

Campfires are not permitted at this time. The issuing of permits for campfires is suspended pending review.

Groups of 10 or more will need to apply for a permit – please email cnp@npws.gov.ie in advance to arrange this (at least seven working days for 1 (preferably longer) before the proposed camping trip).

Long-term/overnight parking is not permitted in our car park so if you are travelling by car you will need to arrange for somewhere to park your vehicle while camping in the National Park.

Connemara National Park only covers a small part of Connemara (see map here: https://www.connemaranationalpark.ie/visit-us/)


Hopefully this information will be beneficial to you in making your plans. If this type of camping is not what you had in mind, then it might be best to consider booking into one of the local campsites.