Photography & Drones

With its beautiful scenery and wildlife, the National Park is a mecca for photographers. Visitors are welcome to take photographs for their own use.

Commercial photography and filming will require a permit. Please contact us for more details. Permits should be made at least 7 working days in advance (preferably longer).

Nature photographers must be aware of the sensitivity of their subjects. Animals and birds must never be stressed by a photographer approaching too closely.

Nests may only be photographed or filmed under permit and licence. Please find information about applying for such licences from our Licensing Unit –


Low flying aircraft and objects (drone, kites, hand-gliders etc.) are forbidden within the Park because of the potential disturbance to wildlife, in particular nesting birds.

Drones are only allowed in the National Park under permit and will only be granted under special circumstances.

In addition to possible wildlife disturbances, photographic drones are an invasion of the privacy of other visitors.

If you have any queries, please contact us in the National Park via email or phone +353 76 100 2528 / +353 95 41054