Due to a recent incident, all dog walkers are requested to keep dogs on a leash at all timesStaff will be requesting dog walkers to put dogs on a leash. 
Those unwilling to do so will be asked to leave the National Park. 
This measure is to ensure visitor safety and enjoyment of the National Park by all.

Your cooperation is appreciated.


Dogs on leads are welcome in the National Park grounds. Only service dogs are allowed in the buildings. Our Code of Conduct for Dog Owners is detailed below.

Please see our guide for dog walkers and a detailed code of conduct below.

Keep dog on a leash sign

Please click here to download this information (pdf)

Code of Conduct for Dog Owners

  • Dogs on leads are welcome in the National Park, and dog owners must at all times be conscious of their responsibility to other visitors and wildlife.
  • The following points will help dogs, their owners, other visitors and wildlife to have a safe and happy visit.
  • You must keep your dog on a lead at all times.
  • Be aware that the National Park is primarily for the conservation of nature. Wildlife must never be stressed by your dog. Even if wildlife is not physically attacked, dog owners should be aware that disturbance to animals when foraging may be detrimental.
  • Be aware that the National Park is also home to Connemara Ponies and other traditional farm breeds including sheep, cattle and donkeys.
  • Be aware that other visitors may have a fear of dogs.
  • Please carry waste bags to collect and clean up after your dog. Dog fouling is not pleasant for other visitors and may be harmful, especially to young children. Dog waste, if left, introduces nutrients in wild habitats and may adversely affect the ecology. Always pick up after your dog.
  • The National Park is a wild are and there are no outside bins. Dog waste, once bagged, must be carried home. Be aware that leaving a full bag on the side of the trail is even worse than not picking up after your dog.
  • More information about responsibilities of dog owners can be found on the following page –